Mother get both physical and mental surprises during second pregnancy.During first pregnancy tugging,  pulling and expanding a month sooner is common. this may not be seen earlier during second pregnancy.

Fetal movements in the womb are easily recognised during second pregnancy.Painful Braxton-Hicks contractions are more during second pregnancy than first pregnancy.

These uterus contractions are more during third trimester of pregnancy. In multi para mother or during second pregnancy, uterus contractions are frequent and reduces in later stage.During first pregnancy mother will have some fear about pregnancy and emotional instability. This emotional stress may be reduced during second pregnancy.

Different trimesters of pregnancy and labour process creates fear during first pregnancy.Since the mother has already the partner care may be reduced if he is busy, but most of partners provide care as in case of first pregnancy.

Tips and facts:  second pregnancy:-Nausea is also present during second pregnancy , but during second pregnancy mother learns to manage nausea.Mother should increase emotional involvement and attachment during second pregnancy.

Large mammary glands are present during second pregnancy. The size is increased because of feeding the baby last time.

Large belly : stretched uterus makes the big belly and extended stomach.

Skin changes : Are also present in second pregnancy, during second trimester of pregnancy. Skin becomes darker and areola becomes darker.  Skin pigments are also found on the face of pregnant mother.

Heartburn and constipation :  heartburn and constipation are experienced by women, in the second or third trimester, during second pregnancy also.

Mother should undergo blood tests, urine test, and ultrasound scan during second pregnancy.

Do the pregnancy exercises and consume healthy nutrient and balanced diet.

Hospital visit should be followed as first pregnancy, tetanus toxoid dose is must for second time pregnancy also.

Take care of first child and provide some dolls for the child to play. The child should not feel its getting less care and love from mother.

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