The exercise not only serves to tone up and burn the calories you have others, but also offers multiple benefits to the human body, generating wealth and happiness.

A session of physical activity is a radiant skin, better heart function, an increase in your self-esteem and more. With only some routines do avoid various physical illnesses and psychological.

To give you a broader idea, we offer seven reasons why you should include exercise in your daily life:


1. Heart strong: Physical activity speeds up metabolism and, especially, the heart, which promotes proper blood circulation. You can make rope skipping, jogging or running through the streets of your home, and biking.

2. Improve your performance at work: Some scientists believe that exercise, with their production of endorphins, helps clear the mind and creates a sense of relaxation, which encourages creativity and mental agility.

3. Promotes your rest: If you make physical activity constant during the week, you can improve your quality of sleep, so you can sleep more easily and in a deeper way. If you have insomnia, here are some yoga positions that you can do before bed.

4. Bones resistant: Weight training helps strengthen the human skeleton and prevents the development of osteoporosis and all those bone-related diseases.

5. Skin Radiant: When you exercise it is normal to open pores for toxins that damage the body go through sweat, so it is very important that at the end you bathe with a mild soap to help remove impurities and left a smooth and healthy skin.

6. Forget about the disease: Regular physical activity and moderate strengthens your immune system, so it protects you from viruses and infections that are around you.

7. Relieves PMS: Exercise combats the symptoms of PMS such as cramps and mood swings.

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