Few days ago I went to a dentist because I had severe pain in my tooth. The dentist filled the cavity but I still feel pain all the time and when I drink water. I have to take many painkillers to get rid of the pain. Please tell me, why am I feeling pain even after the cavity is filled?  Are there any precautions to be taken after filling is done?

Answer (by Dr. Chirag Semlani): Having pain after filling is not common. There may be problem with the filling as the filling might not have been done properly or there may be hidden cavity below your filling. Best would be to visit your dentist and go for X Ray for the tooth. Generally, there are no such precautions you need to take after filling. If you have done silver filling, possibly avoid eating from the side of the filling for a day after that you can continue eating, and with the tooth coloured fillings there are no precautions to be taken.

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