Sodas are very popular among children, teenagers, young adults, and even older adults too. Clinically, it is known that carbonated beverages affect your metabolism (not in a good way) and are partially responsible for the obesity in America. Also, carbonated drinks have been shown to leach important minerals from bone and tissue when the body is attempting to remain in balance. This may lead to such long-term problems like osteoporosis.

According to Digestive Health and Wellness there was recently a study that linked soft drinks to esophageal cancer. Ok, so you only have 2-3 diet sodas every day…but why go there? Картинки по запросу Carbonated Beverages
Dentists have insisted for years that sodas (yes, including diet sodas) are sugar laden and lead to the growth of cavities. Nutritionist have pointed out that sodas are partially to blame for Americas “battle of the bulge.”

And now, to blast your favorite beverage even more….a team of digestive disease doctors at a hospital in India are taking the fizz out of sodas declaring in a recent study that sodas may be linked to esophageal cancer. Yes, I know esophageal cancer is extremely rare, but consider drinking water instead; it’s the healthy alternative.

Dr. Philip Jaffe MD, a leading gastroenterologist who teaches at the University of Connecticut stated that, “the study is intriguing, but like all epidemiological studies, it has limitation.”

Obviously, further studies are warranted to learn more….
What we do know is that GI doctors are aware that carbonated beverages like sodas can exacerbate a condition known as GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), which has been linked to esophageal cancer.

By eliminating sodas from your diet you will have taken one step closer towards improved health.

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