There are few things in the world that can honestly be said to cross cultures without exception. A smile is one of them. A smile is an involuntary reaction to pleasing stimuli. When people smile, it does not matter what language they speak or how they dress or their country of origin. A smile sends a message of delight and interest. But sometimes we smile and are unhappy with the way the smile looks because of teeth problems. In that case, there is no reason to settle for less of a smile than you want to give the world. A smile makeover can put confidence back into your smile.

Universal Language

A smile is a universal language that sends a universal message. It involves using many muscles around the mouth and eyes. It usually exposes the teeth also. When you have teeth that are broken, stained or misshapen, your smile may not be sending the message you want. Your smile may also be affecting your own confidence or self-esteem. A smile is powerful and a smile makeover can correct many of the problems you might be experiencing. The most common smile makeover procedures include the following.

  • Enamel shaping to correct the appearance of stained or cracked teeth
  • Braces to straighten crowded teeth
  • Bonding which covers staining or chips
  • Whitening procedures to eliminate discoloring

These procedures are common and do not require much time. But if your teeth problems are more severe, there are smile makeover procedures that are more invasive.

Politically Correct

Teeth are something all humans possess. Smiling crosses cultures, but the appropriate use of smiling can vary. Stories that Americans might smile at hearing could possibly evoke frowns from another culture. But having good teeth is such a basic requirement that whenever you do smile at the appropriate time, you want your teeth to contribute and not detract from the smile. Good teeth are always politically correct. Besides the common procedures, a smile makeover can involve more complicated procedures.

  • Correct receding gums that cause too much of the teeth to be exposed
  • Correct gums that cover too much of the teeth making them look short
  • Correct gum loss
  • Correct an uneven gum line
  • Design bridges or other orthotics to adjust jaw line
  • Dental implants
  • Bite correction

A smile makeover can be a full mouth reconstruction. Some of the procedures, such as correcting an uneven gum line or correcting bite, may require oral surgery. But even if it is necessary to have surgery, the end result is worth the effort. A smile is too important to have ruined by poor looking teeth.

A Wide Smile, Please

A smile makeover is not just cosmetic dentistry. It does make your smile more pleasing to you and to others receiving your smile. But it also can provide health benefits.

  • Realignment of jaw can stop headaches, and neck and jaw pain
  • Repairing teeth stops cavity activity
  • Restoring or contouring gums creates healthier gums and teeth

A smile makeover offers a great opportunity to have a confident smile. When someone says, “Smile wide, please!” you will do so without hesitation knowing your smile is the best it can be.

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