Her two favorite smoothie recipes packed with healing superpower are:

  1. 7 Magical herb veggie blend:
    Any veggie based juice (Carrot, Celery, Red Peppers, Beet, etc. -your take!) with the following magical herbs:

    1. parsley
    2. cilantro
    3. garlic
    4. ginger
    5. basil
    6. rosemary
    7. mint

    (understand that I don’t always have all 7, but at least 5!)

  2. Secret Pineapple Smoothie:
    I say secret because most people don’t know about the “white rose” which you can only see by pulling out the green tops one at a time. It sits above the inner core of the pineapple, which should also not go to waste! The “white rose” has special nutrients and phyto-chemicals that prevent cancer. if you plant the white rose with the green leaves still attached to the top of the pineapple, you can grow another pineapple plant!Recipe Instructions:
    Cut off the brown and mold bits, if there are any, off the white rose before tossing it in the blender along with the core (cut up in pieces) and add a little ginger and goji berries and sometimes a pinch of cinnamon, as cinnamon has some wonderful medicinal properties!Cinnamon is antibacterial and helps those with diabetes because it helps balance blood sugar!


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