My age is about 30 years. Two days back, during urination when I  was coughing I found that  something is coming out. It was not due to my periods. I also confirm that I am not pregnant. What could be the reason? Is it some type of infection? Is there some serious problem? Should I go in for some investigations? What treatment would be advisable? Answer (by Dr. Neelam Dhamija): I think that you have prolapse (coming or slipping down of a body organ) of some of your genital organs, may be some part of urinary bladder or cervix or the uterus  or may be all of them are coming down. This can be confirmed after your examination by a gynaecologist. It (prolapse) can occur if proper care is not taken during or after delivery or you have repeated and continuous cough for a very long time or if you have constipation and if you have the habit of straining too hard while passing stools. So any thing if done continuously for a very long time weakens the muscles of this (pelvic region) area. If the  pelvic muscles become weak and lose their tone, pelvic organs like bladder, cervix and uterus can come down, because the tone and strength of the muscles of the pelvic region is very  important to keep  the pelvic organs in their proper place. Похожее изображениеYou can go for complete examination of urine and paps smear test. Urine test will give the information about urine infection. Paps smear test indicates, if there is infection or any risk of cancer of the genital organs. Seriousness of the problem can be explained after the test reports and after you get your  examination done by your gynaecologist. If there is very little prolapse then, few exercises will help you. These are called pelvic floor exercises or keigel exercises. These exercises help to increase the tone and strength of the muscles of pelvic region. You must avoid squatting positions and lifting heavy weight. Avoid cough and constipation to the extent possible. Your physiotherapist will guide you, how to do these exercises. If a large part of your pelvic organ is coming out, then it can be corrected by operation only. So the type of treatment will depend upon the extent of prolapse. Kindly visit your gynaecologist for correct advise.

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