Face lift massage when done in the right way helps in releasing the tension from our facial muscles. Tension in facial muscles is the main contributing factor to skin problems like appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin. Below, we have discussed some effective facelift massage techniques.

Look upward stretching your neck. Now, using back of the hands make sweeping motions in the upward direction (begin from the neck’s bottom and move towards the top) all over your neck. This movement must be continued for around 30 seconds. This massage is done for toning the skin on our neck and promoting flow of blood to our face.
The first step of tFace lift massagehis massage involves placing the index and middle fingers on your jawbone. The fingertips must be placed near your mouth and tops of fingers should be placed close to the upper part of your ears. Now, make a sweeping movement along your jaw line, beginning from the chin towards the ears. Hold your skin in the joint and count 10. This technique should be repeated 5 times. This massage technique is particularly useful for people with saggy jaw line.
This massage technique will require you to hold the middle and index finger of your right hand together tightly. Then, put the fingertips on your face’s right side, just beside your nose bridge. Now, move your fingers outwards along the cheek; follow this outward movement by an upward movement of the fingers (move the finger towards top of your ears). Now, hold your skin and count 10. This technique is useful for lifting our cheeks. The same technique should be repeated on the face’s left side.
Make a peace sign or the ‘V’ shape using your middle and index fingers. Turn the fingers sideways keeping the fingertips towards your face. Close the eyes; place the index finger exactly below your eyebrow and the middle finger will have to be placed below the eye. Now, gently move the fingertips sideways along the eye towards the ear. Keep on moving until your reach your hairline; hold your skin and count 10. This face lift massage is done for reducing eye bags. The same technique must be repeated on the other eye.
Depending on how broad your forehead is, place 3 to 4 of your fingers on the forehead. Now, sweep your fingers from the hairline on the left towards the hairline on the right. This massage technique is meant for reducing fine lines appearing on our forehead.

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