Question: I had root canal treatment of my front tooth. After a day a huge swelling appeared on my upper lip and below the nose. Initially the swelling was small, but it became very big in size by evening. There was severe pain in my tooth along with the swelling. My dentist gave me some antibiotics and pain killers for ten days, the swelling has now reduced in size and the pain is also very less. Please explain me how and why I developed  the swelling and why the swelling has not gone completely even after taking full course of medicines. Will the swelling go away completely? If no, then what other treatment will be required and if yes then after how many days?

Answer (by Dr. Chirag Semlani): There are chances of either an infection inside the tooth or there might be blood collection (hematoma) inside the gum present mostly at the site of injection. Infections generally subside with antibiotics, but if there is swelling after taking full regime of antibiotics there may be chances of hematoma at the site, which can be confirmed by investigating like an X-Ray. You may consult an Endodontist (root canal specialist) for the further treatment of the tooth. With proper treatment and proper follow up, this problem should subside soon.

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