Cystic fibrosis is defined as a chronic genetic disorder causing problems in the secretary glands of our body. This article will be informing you about the symptoms of this genetic disorder:

Salty skin is one of the early cystic fibrosis signs. As a parent you are most likely to detect this sign while kissing your baby. A baby with cystic fibrosis has salty skin due to the present of higher amount of salt in his sweat.
Individuals with cystic fibrosisCystic fibrosis often experience clogging of their lungs or airways by thick mucus. Growth of infectious organisms in the mucus makes them suffer from coughs, breathing difficulties, sinus infections, pneumonia and other recurrent respiratory disorders.
Pancreas is responsible for secreting digestive enzymes that reach our small intestine for breaking down the foods consumed by us. These digested foods offer us the required nutrients, which gets absorbed by our intestines and dispensed to different parts of our body. Pancreatic ducts of cystic fibrosis patients get clogged due to presence of tenacious mucus, which stops pancreatic enzyme secretion. Shortage of the digestive enzymes can lead to cause poor weight gain or growth in children, foul smelling, bulky and greasy stools, presence of protein in stools etc.
Infertility is one of the most frequently seen signs of cystic fibrosis. Both men and women are victims of this sign of this chronic genetic disorder. Women with cystic fibrosis can have clogged reproductive organs due to presence of mucus. This makes them infertile i.e. stops them from becoming pregnant. Men with this genetic disorder also cannot have children as they are born without the vas deferens. The vas deferens is responsible for transportation of sperms from testicles to ejaculatory ducts.

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