Acupuncture Treatment

Needles have been in use from a very long time to insert the medicines in the body directly. However, in oriental medicinal approach, about different technique was applied; wherein rather than adding something in the body, it was teased gently to being more healthier. Continue reading “Acupuncture Treatment” »

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture was became widely known in the western hemisphere after a New York Times reporter James Reston wrote about it after visiting China in 1971. Acupuncture has been performed in China over 2000 years. Here in the United States, more and more acupuncture procedures are performed for people wanting other options in dealing with pain or specific health conditions. Continue reading “What is Acupuncture?” »

Natural Ways To Get Pregnant

How To Get Pregnant Naturally. Enjoy That Sunshine. Sunshine is good for everyone. It gives you the vitamin D that will help you stay happy and more energetic during the day. Someone who has a deficiency in vitamin D may be more prone to suffer from disorders such as depression, bone pain and muscle weakness which is bad for normal people, but can be devastating to pregnant women. Continue reading “Natural Ways To Get Pregnant” »


Acupuncture started in China several thousand years ago. Chinese Medicine sees the working of the body and mind as the result of the interaction of energy, or Qi (pronounced chee)  in the body.  This Qi must flow freely and in the correct strength and quality if the body is to function correctly.  When the Qi is impaired, illness will occur.   Acupuncture directly affects the energy pathways (meridians).

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