Why we need Amino Acids?

Who needs Amino Acids? Everyone!You may have heard about amino acids as essential for body builders who are trying to grow muscles. Yes, certain amino acids release the human growth hormone (HGH) and help to build muscle mass. But are you aware of how necessary the entire army of amino acids are for every person to simply remain healthy? Continue reading “Why we need Amino Acids?” »

Is Your Memory Slipping?

Do you ever feel like you just can’t remember things the way you used to, or you occasionally have to “jog your memory” to come up with names and places? Don’t worry you are not alone. There are plenty of others who often forget people’s names, movie titles or even where they’ve parked their cars. Continue reading “Is Your Memory Slipping?” »

ADD/ADHD Medications

For individuals and families familiar with ADD/ADHD and its impact on behavior regarding family life, school performance and socialization at all levels, I am sure you have already had to make some difficult decisions regarding medication. Great strides have been made in understanding and managing this common child-hood disorder. Continue reading “ADD/ADHD Medications” »

Desoxyn (methamphetamine)

Desoxyn (methamphetamine). Crystal meth isn’t just for bikers living in trailers out in the Central Valley. There’s a movement to rehabilitate as an ADD medication. For Mouse it was the only med that really worked. Unfortunately her dose was a little too high and she started having all the problems you get from not sleeping – paranoia, hallucinations, mildly psychotic behavior, that sort of thing. Continue reading “Desoxyn (methamphetamine)” »


US Brand Name: Adderall
A link here will take you to the official website for the drug.
Generic Name: amphetamine salts: dextroamphetamine saccharate, dextroamphetamine sulfate USP, amphetamine aspartate and amphetamine sulfate USP. Continue reading “Adderall” »