Antibiotic Overload?

The human digestive tract ranges from 25-35 feet and houses over 400 species of bacteria. In total there are over a 100 billion organisms in our digestive tract. The use of antibiotics is equivalent to pouring bleach into a fish tank in order to kill an overgrowth of algae. Continue reading “Antibiotic Overload?” »

The Benefits Of Probiotics

Bacteria Can Be Good For You! When we think of bacteria, we generally think it is bad. While this can be true, many of us are not aware that certain forms of bacteria can in fact be good for us. “Good” bacteria essentially combat the development of “bad” bacteria, which in turn strengthens our immune system and wards off disease. Continue reading “The Benefits Of Probiotics” »

Assessing Your Risk Of MRSA

Not many people have heard of Methicillan Resistant Staphylococcus Aureaus, or MRSA, by its full name, though they may have heard of a staph infection. MRSA is a member of the staph family, and can be found on the skin and nasal passages of about a third of the population. On its own, it is harmless, but if it makes its way into an open wound it has the potential to become deadly. Continue reading “Assessing Your Risk Of MRSA” »