Baby Boomers And Anti-Aging

The term “Anti-aging” has recently become one of the most popular “buzz-words” in all of medicine today. There is even a certification and specialization in age-management medicine for physicians interested in assisting their patients in preventing premature disability and death, while focusing on optimal health and vigor. Continue reading “Baby Boomers And Anti-Aging” »

Hazards of Diluting Baby Formula: Water Intoxication

During these hard economic times, families are having to live on less and do without on basic essentials. Dollars are being stretched as far as they can and corners are cut to survive. Some of the corners are by eating more processed foods, which are cheaper, than on essential nutrient foods such as fruits and vegetables. Another corner being cut is with baby formula. Continue reading “Hazards of Diluting Baby Formula: Water Intoxication” »

Newborn Facts

Congratulations! on your new baby! When your baby if first born, the doctors/nurses first perform the APGAR test to test the healthiness of the infant. This test is done at the 1st and 5th minutes after birth. The baby’s heart rate, respiratory rate, muscle tone, reflexes, and the skin color are checked. Continue reading “Newborn Facts” »

Pregnancy Planner

 Planning A Pregnancy. The process of planning a pregnancy doesn’t need to be as difficult as you may think. We’ve broken it up into smaller steps you will need to think about and work on to make sure both you and your partner are well informed as to what you need to do at each stage. Continue reading “Pregnancy Planner” »