Beauty Tips

Eating certain foodstuff can improve your skin,hair, color, nails, eyes etc within no time. With these healthy food stuff  your mood become soft. Every body like you and want to interact with you. You can become the most prominent personality every where you go. Continue reading “Beauty Tips” »

How to make a Mask

How to make a mask at home is a common problem for most of the laddies. In today’s busy life we don’t have enough time to join a parlor and pay a heavy amount. Why pay for a mask while we can use the basic ingredients around us to make a mask at home. Continue reading “How to make a Mask” »

Underarm Whitening Tips

Dark underarm is a problem for  women who wear short sleeves. Most of  the time it lows the self esteem and they can’t move their arms freely in the gatherings. There are several underarm whitening products available in the market that can solve their problem but it affect the monthly budget. Continue reading “Underarm Whitening Tips” »

Face Stains Removal

Face Stains removal  is a big problem for many people who come across with it. Women specially suffer in Depression and they seek solution to their problem. Most of them use special make up to hide them. Some of them use home made remedies to overcome it. Continue reading “Face Stains Removal” »

Celebrity Resolutions: To Inspire And To Entertain

A couple of days into the new year and everything still seems fresh and new. A chance to start over and make things right, as they say. On the focus of making this year better, resolutions never fall too far behind. Now, whether you’ve made them, whether you believe in making them or not, or whether you’re still trying to complete your list, here are a couple celebrity resolutions that you might wanna check out to either inspire or merely entertain. Continue reading “Celebrity Resolutions: To Inspire And To Entertain” »

Microcurrent therapy – a non invasive and painless facelift but is it too good to be true?

When you’re face is showing the signs of aging it’s understandable that you want to do something about it. One option is the increasingly popular and reasonably cheap botox and hyaluronic acid injections around the area where the skin is looking old. Another, more invasive and expensive option is a surgical facelift. Continue reading “Microcurrent therapy – a non invasive and painless facelift but is it too good to be true?” »

Celebrity Beauty Secrets: Cindy Crawford on Skincare and Double Duty Beauty

When it comes to beauty, who better to get advice from then a total expert, super model (and super mom!) Cindy Crawford? Cindy has come a long way with over 30 years of successful modeling. At 50, she continues to grow as she adds entrepreneur (with her very own skincare line, Meaningful Beauty) and author (Becoming by Cindy Crawford) to her long list of achievements . Continue reading “Celebrity Beauty Secrets: Cindy Crawford on Skincare and Double Duty Beauty” »

Homemade Cacay Night Cream

Do you know what the best time is to help rejuvenate your tired skin? Night time, when you’re sleeping. Just as your body needs to recharge from the day’s activities, your skin needs to repair and rebuild, too, mostly from nasty free radicals. The good news is that is exactly what happens when you’re off in dream land.  Continue reading “Homemade Cacay Night Cream” »

Beauty served cold: because the fridge isn’t just for your food

Beauty and youth in your refrigerator.  Although, I for one, am definitely an advocate of those “concoct your own product” right in the kitchen kinda deals as well as a strong believer that beauty begins from within (your diet), this time I’m not referring to the food that you can get out of the fridge, but actually using the ref as the perfect place to store your anti aging lotions and potions. Continue reading “Beauty served cold: because the fridge isn’t just for your food” »

4 anti aging tips for men who want to stay healthy and look great

Men who have young and healthy skin probably don’t give much thought to looking after it. It looks great in the mirror so why bother huh ? Well, this is the time when you should be laying the groundwork and getting into the habit of caring for your skin. Most people, men especially, start thinking about this when it’s too late. The truth is that when the fine lines and age spots are starting to appear it’s almost too late. Continue reading “4 anti aging tips for men who want to stay healthy and look great” »