Using caps on teeth after root canal treatment of three teeth and what types of caps

Question: I had problem with my Temporo-mandibular joint. Whenever I go to the dentist for the treatment my jaw gets locked and I have difficulty in closing it. Keeping the mouth open for a long time is very difficult. Root canal treatment of three teeth  was done few years ago, but I did not go for fitting of the crown/cap of any of them? Continue reading “Using caps on teeth after root canal treatment of three teeth and what types of caps” »

Problems caused by removed tooth – necessity for partial dentures?

One of my side front tooth is missing. It was removed by the doctor as it was loose. Is it necessary to replace the missing tooth? Why should it be replaced? How can it be replaced? My doctor says, I need partial dentures. What are partial dentures and how many types are there? Which type is cheap, sturdy and comfortable to use? How long a denture can work? Continue reading “Problems caused by removed tooth – necessity for partial dentures?” »

Why laser is used in dentist teeth whitening process

If you want the quickest way to get your teeth whitened at the dentist, then you will opt to have the process sped up with a laser or light. Lasers can help to target stubborn stains below the surface of the tooth. If you are looking to get the brightest and whitest results for the time you spend in the dentist’s chair, then you want to opt to use a laser or light treatment. It can be very expensive, when compared to other methods of teeth whitening, but the results are very quick and highly effective. Continue reading “Why laser is used in dentist teeth whitening process” »

Dental Bonding – General Information

Dental bonding can fix minor cosmetic problems with your teeth, like staining, small gaps, chips, or cracks. It uses a plastic resin that is bonded to the teeth after they have been prepared by a mild etching solution. Several coats of the resin are applied to the teeth and hardened. After all the coats are applied, the teeth are polished and shaped to give one a very pleasing, white, beautifully sculpted smile. Continue reading “Dental Bonding – General Information” »

Gum Disease – All Gummed Up

When you have a problem and it gets more and more complicated, you say it is all gummed up. The problem seems to be leading to where there is no solution. Gum disease is a serious problem that if left untreated can result in the loss of teeth. Gum disease, also called periodontal disease, will worsen to the point where there is no natural return. The solution becomes all gummed up. Continue reading “Gum Disease – All Gummed Up” »

What Causes Teeth Discoloration? – That Is The Question .

We always think of teeth as being white. Movie stars, cartoon characters and portraits always show dazzling white teeth. Then we look at our own teeth and see discoloration. Our teeth are not brilliant white. They are light gray, tinged with red, yellow or off-white. What causes teeth discoloration? The answer is not simple, because there are a variety of reasons. Continue reading “What Causes Teeth Discoloration? – That Is The Question .” »

Tooth Whitening At Home

We live in amazing times. Who would have ever believed that they would invent cosmetics for your teeth? But that is exactly what home tooth whitening gels are – cosmetics. We whiten our skin, bleach age spots, lighten dark circles around our eyes and now we can bleach our teeth at home. Home tooth whitening is a dentistry technique that has been adapted to home use. Continue reading “Tooth Whitening At Home” »

Implant Dentistry Professional Opinion

During their lives the majority of people loose some teeth, some people loose all of them. The causes of this phenomenon are complex: injuries, excessive sweets consumption, hygienic negligence, problems with teeth these are only some of them. The consequences of teeth loss are unpleasant and they are connected not only with aesthetics, but also (which is obvious) with chewing of food effectiveness. Lack of teeth influences a person’s mood in a bad way and worsens her / his functioning in the society. Continue reading “Implant Dentistry Professional Opinion” »