Balancing Hormones

The different hormones produced in the human body affect the function of the body. There are different hormones in men and women and the excess of hormones have their adverse effects on the human body. The regular hormone secretion in the female body is very essential because only then the proper menstrual cycle in the female body occurs and the body is able to bear children. Continue reading “Balancing Hormones” »

Detox Diets 101 Keeping Your Body In Shape Through Proper Eating

If you’re feeling sluggish, or you think you’re always full and the food has settled in your stomach, undigested. If you think you’re fat and need to lose weight. And if you think that you’ve ingested more than the allowed preservatives and additives into your body and your liver’s starting to show symptoms of abuse, then it’s time for you to go on a Detox program. Continue reading “Detox Diets 101 Keeping Your Body In Shape Through Proper Eating” »

Total Body Detox

Human body has a remarkable system of organic engineering which works to cleanse the body from undesirable substance and toxins via its natural detoxification system like liver, kidney, skins, lungs, lymphatic and digestive systems. These organs must be in proper shape and should function wellin any case to avoid disorder. Continue reading “Total Body Detox” »

Food Form Vitamins and Minerals

After you review this web page you will have a deeper understanding of what vitamin and mineral supplements are. More specifically you will understand what food form vitamins and minerals are and why they are far superior to the standard USP or synthetic vitamins. You will see exactly why you need PLANT nutrients instead of man-made synthetic vitamins. Continue reading “Food Form Vitamins and Minerals” »

Phytoceramides: Wheat VS Rice

Let’s face it, everyone wants to be young, every one wants to look good. It’s human nature. It’s just the way things are. But instead of just slathering your skin with anti aging lotions and potions, you should remember that beauty begins from within.

Now, I’m not saying that you should ditch your whole beauty routine, but more like you should add to it. Phytoceramides, A great stay young supplement that is natural, safe, and super effective for better, younger looking skin. Ever heard of it?

Well, in a nut shell….

Ceramides are naturally occurring lipids in our bodies that make up about 40% of our skin and pretty much keep your skin supple, hydrated, and plump.

Phytoceramides are the plant derived equivalent of ceramides.

Remember, as you get older, the amount of natural ceramides in your body gets lower. It’s a good thing that you can now substitute the loss with supplements. So now it’s not really a question of what to do about it, but which one is better.

Phytoceramides: Wheat VS Rice

You see, when it comes to phytoceramides, a clinical trial was conducted in Japan by the Institute of General Medical Sciences to see which one would turn up to be the best for your skin.  And we could explain to you further what the findings were, but you can just have a look for yourself:

The trial consisted of 33 people, 27 women and 6 men all in their mid twenties. For six weeks, the participants were given 40 mg of rice derived ceramides a day. Dermatological and three dimensional microscopic skin surface analaysis was performed in order to evaluate the effects on the skin. Below are their findings:


So obviously, rice derived phytocermides come out as moisturizing king. So, if you do decide to take these kinds of  supplements, be sure to check the label for ones that are derived from rice.

Have you tried an Anti Aging retreat – roll back the years by retreating ?

It seems there is a retreat for just about anything these days….did you see that movie “couples retreat” from a few years back. The movie was a comedy where the various couples try to rekindle their marriages in an idyllic location (Bora Bora)…critics thought it was pretty lame despite it doing well at the box office…maybe they should run a retreat for bad movie makers ! Continue reading “Have you tried an Anti Aging retreat – roll back the years by retreating ?” »

What are Apple Stem Products?

I’ve heard about how human stem cells are being hailed as the next great medical breakthrough in anti-aging. Basically it’s about growing new cells to replace old, worn out ones. This makes sense in a science fiction sort of way so I was quite intrigued to learn that there are apple stem cell products that rejuvenate the skin. Continue reading “What are Apple Stem Products?” »

Basic Anti Agigng tips – Future proof your body for the New Year

With the new year upon us, most people start making plans and goals for the future. This often means thinking about their health – whether it is to quit smoking, lose a few pounds or do more exercise – the aim is to take better care of themselves. Anti-aging can fit into this category as it is more than just preventing wrinkles. Anti-aging is about future proofing your body on a holistic level. So for the new year, start your anti aging routine today ! Continue reading “Basic Anti Agigng tips – Future proof your body for the New Year” »

Benefits of eggs

With Easter just around the corner, no doubt there will be bunnies and chicks, there will be chocolates and sweets, but most of all, there will be eggs- and a whole lot of them. But much more than just the fun and festivities, here are some benefits of eggs that will certainly get you “egg”-sited about yourself. Continue reading “Benefits of eggs” »

How nuts can keep you young

Go ahead, go nuts- add them to your diet!  Nuts are great for both your body and mind.  These hard shelled fruits are definitely hard core when it comes to anti aging.  So here it is, the nutty truth cracked wide open.  Read on to know how nuts can keep you healthy and young. So here they are, the top health benefits of nuts. Continue reading “How nuts can keep you young” »

Super spinach Smoothie: Super healthy, Super simple, Super yummy too

Need a good energy boost? Well, instead of grabbing a cup of coffee, why not opt for a healthier alternative? Now I’m not saying that you should just crush your caffeine cravings, coffee does have it’s perks after all, but this Super Spinach Smoothie is definitely something else – in a good way. You’ve all seen Popeye after all. Continue reading “Super spinach Smoothie: Super healthy, Super simple, Super yummy too” »