How To Cut Your Sodium

Sodium can cause Major heart problems down the road. Canned vegetables and lunch meat taste high in salt, but not all foods that are high in sodium are so easily recognized. You may not think that a bagel tastes salty, but a 4 inch oat bran bagel contains 451 MG of sodium. That’s almost a quarter of the recommended daily intake. Continue reading “How To Cut Your Sodium” »

Fat Free Cooking Methods

Need for fat free food. Fat foods are the sources of weight gain. When excess fats are supplied to fat cells present in the body, these cells start circulating the fatty acids to other cells such as liver cells. Weight gain can lead to some diseases such as type II diabetes, stroke, heart problems, and cardiovascular disorders, so one should avoid fat foods. Continue reading “Fat Free Cooking Methods” »

Benefits of Gotu Kola

Got Gotu Kola? Heck, have you even ever heard of it? Gotu Kola, scientifically known as Centella asiatica or more commonly known as Indian Pennywort, is a perennial creeping herb that commonly grows in tropical wetlands. Although it is a native Asian plant, it has well been distributed to other parts of the world, such as South Africa, Australia, and even America and Europe. Continue reading “Benefits of Gotu Kola” »

Herbs For A Spaghetti Garden

Herbs are one of the delightful pleasures of life. They add flavor to your food, scent to the air and beauty to your garden. In colonial times, no home was complete without an herb garden for the lady of the house to use in her kitchen, and it wasn’t unusual for those herb gardens to be separated by use – savory herbs, tea herbs, medicinal herbs. That’s a tradition that’s made a comeback in many modern gardens. Continue reading “Herbs For A Spaghetti Garden” »

What is an Alkaline pH Level and How to Monitor yours?

What does it mean to “Alkalize” your body? Well, it’s the opposite of having your system be Acidic. Remember those litmus papers from high school lab? You can actually use those to test our urine or saliva to see what your pH level is. We ideally want to score at least in the 6-7 range because this means we are not too acidic (which can lead to health problems). Continue reading “What is an Alkaline pH Level and How to Monitor yours?” »

Chinese Fertility Herbs

Do Chinese Fertility Herbs Work? Among a whole load of other things, one area where many men and women have found success in use of Chinese medicine is the treatment of infertility. Although scientific studies remain inconclusive, clinical studies done in China show that as much as 70% of all cases of fertility issues have been resolved using just simple mixtures of herbs. Continue reading “Chinese Fertility Herbs” »