How to make a Mask

How to make a mask at home is a common problem for most of the laddies. In today’s busy life we don’t have enough time to join a parlor and pay a heavy amount. Why pay for a mask while we can use the basic ingredients around us to make a mask at home. Continue reading “How to make a Mask” »

Face Stains Removal

Face Stains removal  is a big problem for many people who come across with it. Women specially suffer in Depression and they seek solution to their problem. Most of them use special make up to hide them. Some of them use home made remedies to overcome it. Continue reading “Face Stains Removal” »

Homemade Hair Care: Leave In Conditioner

Your hair is indeed your crowing glory, but you don’t really need to spend big bucks to give it the royal treatment. With homemade hair care, you can bring life back to your locks and fight off those nasty signs of aging (because hair does age right along with you, after all) just as well, or maybe even better than, any store bought product. (You know all the ingredients- no harmful chemicals to fear!) Continue reading “Homemade Hair Care: Leave In Conditioner” »

Homemade Cacay Night Cream

Do you know what the best time is to help rejuvenate your tired skin? Night time, when you’re sleeping. Just as your body needs to recharge from the day’s activities, your skin needs to repair and rebuild, too, mostly from nasty free radicals. The good news is that is exactly what happens when you’re off in dream land.  Continue reading “Homemade Cacay Night Cream” »

How to make Paleo Pizza

Yes, you read that right Paleo PIZZA. I couldn’t believe it at first either. Pizza is definitely a Neanderthal NO-NO, but apparently modern cavemen weren’t exactly ready to give up one of their favorite dishes. The work around lies in the ingredients on making this beloved panned pie. Continue reading “How to make Paleo Pizza” »

Homemade Vitamin Water

Water is absolutely good for you. So naturally, you would think that vitamin water is even better. For those of you who don’t know what vitamin water is, it is basically what it sounds like- distilled water fortified with vitamins as well as some artificial sweetener or flavoring of sorts. Continue reading “Homemade Vitamin Water” »