Why we need Amino Acids?

Who needs Amino Acids? Everyone!You may have heard about amino acids as essential for body builders who are trying to grow muscles. Yes, certain amino acids release the human growth hormone (HGH) and help to build muscle mass. But are you aware of how necessary the entire army of amino acids are for every person to simply remain healthy? Continue reading “Why we need Amino Acids?” »

Prostate Cancer Overview

What is it and what is the prostate? Most of have not heard of the prostate gland unless we are referring to Prostate Cancer. The prostate gland, an organ in itself is found at the neck of the urinary bladder. The first part of the urethra (the passage which allows urine to drain from the bladder and exit via the penis) is surrounded by the prostate gland. Continue reading “Prostate Cancer Overview” »

4 anti aging tips for men who want to stay healthy and look great

Men who have young and healthy skin probably don’t give much thought to looking after it. It looks great in the mirror so why bother huh ? Well, this is the time when you should be laying the groundwork and getting into the habit of caring for your skin. Most people, men especially, start thinking about this when it’s too late. The truth is that when the fine lines and age spots are starting to appear it’s almost too late. Continue reading “4 anti aging tips for men who want to stay healthy and look great” »