Hormonal disturbance – Breast Cancer – Irregularity of periods – discharge from nipples

I am 40 years of age. I had tubal ligation 10 years ago. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in my right breast 8 years ago. After I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I underwent surgery and my right breast was removed. I had noticed some white coloured discharge from my nipples, when my breast cancer was diagnosed 8 years ago. Continue reading “Hormonal disturbance – Breast Cancer – Irregularity of periods – discharge from nipples” »

Tips on Optimising your diet to manage diverticulitis and relieve symptoms

As mentioned in the previous chapter, adopting a diet low in fiber during the onset and duration of diverticulitis will aid in managing and alleviating any symptoms that may occur. The following tips may be useful in decreasing fiber in the diet:

1) Consume white breads and cereals: During the process of refinement, foods tend to lose much of their fibre content. Breads and cereals based on white flour are particularly low in fibre and are the optimal choice for someone suffering from diverticulitis.Картинки по запросу diverticulosis diet

2) Limit (but do not completely eliminate) the amount of plant foods consumed: As fibre is mainly obtained from these types of foods it makes sense to limit these in the diet for the duration of diverticulitis.

3) Remove the skin from fruits and vegetables before consumption. Most of the fibre contained within these foods is held within the skin.

4) Avoid seeds, nuts, popcorn, and legumes as these may further exacerbate the condition.

Foods that are low in fibre include:

  • White breads and cereals
  • Skinless fruits and vegetables
  • Fruit Juice
  • Vegetable Juice
  • Meat and dairy products

5) In some individuals it may be necessary to select lactose free dairy products, if lactose malabsorption is present. Appropriate dairy foods that are low in lactose include:

1 Soy milk (ensure you select a soy milk fortified with calcium)

2 Most cheeses

3 Lactose free milk

4 Lactose free yogurt

Vegetarianism And Infants

Without a doubt, parents want to make the best possible decisions when it comes to teaching their kids how to grow up right. With all of the studies that have been conducted regarding the healthiness of a vegetarian diet, wouldn’t it be a great idea to set a positive example for your children and help them to adopt a healthy lifestyle? Continue reading “Vegetarianism And Infants” »