Symptoms Of Parkinson

Parkinson’s disease has four symptoms relating to motor function. They are balance instability, tremors while the body is resting, rigidity and uncontrollable twitches or movements. There are other secondary symptoms that a doctor will recognize but some people react differently than others so their symptoms will be different. Continue reading “Symptoms Of Parkinson” »

Coffee’s Antioxidant Powers

Whether you prefer Starbucks, Barney’s or Joffrey’s, have your morning cup of java guilt-free. The latest research has indicated that there are positive health benefits regarding coffee consumption and the prevention of numerous health concerns, including but not limited to chronic degenerative diseases, which are unfortunately on the rise in the United States. Continue reading “Coffee’s Antioxidant Powers” »

Tips For Finding A Care Facility For A Loved One With Parkinson

Even though you or other family members may have been caring for a loved one that has Parkinson’s during the early stages of the disease when that person develops advanced Parkinson’s it might be necessary to find a long term care facility for your loved one where he or she can get the kind of medical care and attention that you and your family members just can’t provide. Continue reading “Tips For Finding A Care Facility For A Loved One With Parkinson” »

How Do You Obtain Your Highest Level Of Possible Wellness When You Have Parkinson

Is it really possible to obtain your highest level of possible wellness when you have Parkinson’s disease at every stage of this progressive disease? The answer is that there is always hope and that you, your doctor, and your physical and speech therapist should be a team dedicated to making sure that your functionality is at its highest level at all times by designing a treatment plan that makes this possible.  Continue reading “How Do You Obtain Your Highest Level Of Possible Wellness When You Have Parkinson” »

Treating Parkinson

You know there is no cure for Parkinson’s but do you know that treatment is a very important aspect of managing the disease? The correct treatment can make you comfortable by decreasing your symptoms so they are more manageable and allow you the most flexibility and movement possible so you can go about living your life to the fullest. Continue reading “Treating Parkinson” »