Popular Stress Treatments

There is not a person on Earth that has not experienced stress at some time or another. Stress is a natural part of life and without it, many people would feel unchallenged. In fact, studies suggest that some amount of stress is good because it gets the adrenaline going and can actually make a person feel alert and focused. Continue reading “Popular Stress Treatments” »

Detox Massage

Detoxification is a process of removal or cleansing the body from various toxins that have entered in our body due to internal and external factors. Various methods are used for detox therapy like, foot bath, fasting, fruits and vegetable diet detoxification massage. Continue reading “Detox Massage” »

Detox From Feet

Detoxification is a process of removing toxins from a person’s body which get gathered in our body in various forms such as metals, minerals, pesticides and other harmful substance which prevents normal biological development of human body. Continue reading “Detox From Feet” »

Ion Body Detox

Walking on the beach is so relaxing and peaceful, when the gush of water touches your feet. It’s more than relaxing experience as it detoxifies our body and leads to a fresh feeling and rejuvenates our mind and body. one can even try this out at home, before sleeping wash your feet and then try going to bed.One can notice the difference. Continue reading “Ion Body Detox” »