How to prevent spider veins?

Blue, red, green, or even purple- Age, genetics, poor circulation, or even the sun, to name a few, could be the reason (or reasons)behind spider veins.   Well, whatever the cause, they usually show up on your face, mostly around the eye area, or on your legs without any warning.  You might just wake up one morning, look in the mirror, and boom- they’re there. Continue reading “How to prevent spider veins?” »

The Consequences of Eating too Fast and How to Correct it

Eating too fast is a serious issue and has detrimental consequences to your digestive system! When you don’t take the time to fully swallow each bite before taking the next bite, that’s when you know you may be eating to fast! If you are a fast eater, you probably aren’t even aware that you are taking 4-5 fork fulls of food in the time it takes a normal paced eater to take one. Continue reading “The Consequences of Eating too Fast and How to Correct it” »

Motivation To Lose Weight

When it comes to losing weight, one of the biggest hurdles is getting and keeping the impulse to look better and be healthier. Someone with a strong motivation to lose weight is in a much better position compared to someone with little to no motivation. Everyone has different reasons and ideas on how to get motivated to lose weight, but whatever it is, it’s vital that you remember why you started, and consistently remind yourself about it all through the process. Continue reading “Motivation To Lose Weight” »