The Problem of Depression and Stress Symptoms That Come With It

Depression is a problem that can affect anyone from teenagers to adults and can bring with it serious side-effects that may cost a person his or her life. With the ever increasing fast pace of life these days and the pressures that people feel with the responsibilities they have in their lives, depression and stress has become an ever increasing worry. Continue reading “The Problem of Depression and Stress Symptoms That Come With It” »

Tips For Adults Over 60 With Hear Disease To Still Enjoy Sex

Heart disease is one of the biggest killers of both men and women in our society. It is very important to take care of it. One fear that many people over the age of 60 have is that their heart disease will put a damper on their sex life. There are ways to effectively control your heart disease though and still be able to enjoy a very active and fulfilling sex life. Continue reading “Tips For Adults Over 60 With Hear Disease To Still Enjoy Sex” »

FSD and Your Mind

Even when female sexual dysfunction has a physical basis, the psychological aspects of female sexuality shouldn’t be ignored. The female libido is not only based on a woman’s physical needs—her mind is a vital part of her sexuality. Continue reading “FSD and Your Mind” »

Is Your Memory Slipping?

Do you ever feel like you just can’t remember things the way you used to, or you occasionally have to “jog your memory” to come up with names and places? Don’t worry you are not alone. There are plenty of others who often forget people’s names, movie titles or even where they’ve parked their cars. Continue reading “Is Your Memory Slipping?” »

Antibiotic Overload?

The human digestive tract ranges from 25-35 feet and houses over 400 species of bacteria. In total there are over a 100 billion organisms in our digestive tract. The use of antibiotics is equivalent to pouring bleach into a fish tank in order to kill an overgrowth of algae. Continue reading “Antibiotic Overload?” »

Effectively Handling Stress At Work Caused By Special Situations

Amongst various other factors, the job you have will have a big impact on how much stress you get from work. For example, a profession related to medicine will carry large amounts of stress. But you are the one who matters when talking about this. In your workplace do you cope well with stress? We each have a pretty good idea about the answer to that question. Continue reading “Effectively Handling Stress At Work Caused By Special Situations” »