Lifestyle to prevent damage due to cervical spondylosis

I am 25 years old, having cervical spondylosis and that I am pregnant. My neck and shoulder muscles feel very weak and fatigued. My neck becomes stiff many times. Please tell me what should be my life style to prevent any  further damage and how will my pregnancy going to affect this condition  as I am not able to carry even the smallest weight for a long time. What is my treatment? Continue reading “Lifestyle to prevent damage due to cervical spondylosis” »

FSD and Your Mind

Even when female sexual dysfunction has a physical basis, the psychological aspects of female sexuality shouldn’t be ignored. The female libido is not only based on a woman’s physical needs—her mind is a vital part of her sexuality. Continue reading “FSD and Your Mind” »

Cerebral Palsy Treatment

Cerebral palsy is incurable, but there are therapies available that can make life easier and more productive. There is no cerebral palsy therapy that works on every patient. Each case is unique and therefore will require different types of cerebral palsy treatment, from physical therapy to exercise to botox injections. Continue reading “Cerebral Palsy Treatment” »

Doctors Categories

Medical Sciences is one of the most important branch of science which deals with the human diseases and their treatments. Modern development in this line make it more beneficial for humanity. In the beginning doctors used to treat the diseases with some fixed tools and knowledge. Continue reading “Doctors Categories” »

Dexa scan report showing osteoporosis of hip and spine – bones becoming brittle and fragile

My friend’s mom’s dexa scan report shows T score of -2.6 SD at the hip and -2.4 SD at the lumbar spine. She is not on hormone therapy, her mother died due to complications of hip fracture and her sister was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer at the age of 60 years. What do you interpret according to  her dexa scan report? Continue reading “Dexa scan report showing osteoporosis of hip and spine – bones becoming brittle and fragile” »

Pediatric Allergy

Allergies can lead to a few pediatric issues like ear infections. Allergies mostly present in childhood. It is significant to have your child evaluated by the best doctor for identifying pediatric respiratory sicknesses as well as potential causes. Signs of pediatric allergies are frequently confused with the signs of usual pediatric nose, throat as well as ear conditions. Continue reading “Pediatric Allergy” »