Facts About Flu Season

It’s The Flu Season Time Of Year Again… Well, it’s that time of year again. Winter coats and sweaters are dusted off and your flip-flops are packed away until it’s time to hit the beaches again. While the holiday season brings gifts, cheer and family reunions, it also brings flu season with it. Continue reading “Facts About Flu Season” »

Do You Have The Flu

It can be difficult to tell the difference between the flu and the cold virus because some of the symptoms are the same but there are differences. A doctor can examine you and tell if you have the flu. If the person is seen by a doctor within 2 or 3 days of coming down with the symptoms a doctor can run tests to determine if what the person has is the flu or not. Continue reading “Do You Have The Flu” »

Flu Vaccinations

The correct terminology for the flu is Influenza; it is a viral infection which is spread by droplet infection. It’s caught when people breathe in these droplet infections which have become airborne when the infected person has either sneezed or coughed into the air. It can also be transmitted via hard surfaces by contaminated hands etc. Continue reading “Flu Vaccinations” »

The History Of Bird Flu

There has been serious research done on Bird Flu in recent years, since the disease is affecting more people in different parts of the world. A brief history of the disease and how it affects humans can help scientists and citizens to better understand how to treat and avoid bird flu. Continue reading “The History Of Bird Flu” »

Bird Flu Virus

“The bird flu virus is the single largest threat to humanity …”
The Centers for Disease Control. The world is unprepared for the bird flu pandemic. According to the World Health Organization a bird flu outbreak may happen at any time. Continue reading “Bird Flu Virus” »

HIV Care

HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus. It is an infection that demolishes the cells in the immune system of the body slowly. HIV symptoms are generally seen in 50 to 90% of people infected with it. After some weeks or days of HIV exposure, some individuals get a sickness that is similar to that of flu. This condition remains for a period of 2 weeks and is referred as Acute HIV infection. Continue reading “HIV Care” »

Dengue – Symptoms

Mosquito-borne diseases are very well-known to all. People get prone to various diseases like malaria, dengue etc. Dengue fever infects around 50 million people every year mostly in the tropical region. Till now there is no specific vaccine or treatment for Dengue fever. With no vaccine or treatment for the dengue viruses, it is very important that the symptoms for the disease be treated as soon as possible. Continue reading “Dengue – Symptoms” »

Chikungunya Symptoms and Cure

Most of us suffer from joint pains at some point of time, but if you are suffering from intense joint pain which does not let you move, beware this may be Chikungunya. It can catch throat of people of any age. Normal joint pains occur when joints get week; but it is a viral disease. As the name suggests, the disease is spread by a virus. Continue reading “Chikungunya Symptoms and Cure” »