Burning sensation in mouth – causes, treatment, precautions

I have burning sensation in my mouth. I feel burning sensations on my tongue, palate, lips, gums and inside the cheeks. Why do I feel so ? Is this a serious problem? Do I need to do certain blood tests to find out its cause? How can this be treated? What types of treatments are available for this problem? If there is any thing I can do to have some relief. Continue reading “Burning sensation in mouth – causes, treatment, precautions” »

Fat Free Cooking Methods

Need for fat free food. Fat foods are the sources of weight gain. When excess fats are supplied to fat cells present in the body, these cells start circulating the fatty acids to other cells such as liver cells. Weight gain can lead to some diseases such as type II diabetes, stroke, heart problems, and cardiovascular disorders, so one should avoid fat foods. Continue reading “Fat Free Cooking Methods” »

Baby Boomers And Anti-Aging

The term “Anti-aging” has recently become one of the most popular “buzz-words” in all of medicine today. There is even a certification and specialization in age-management medicine for physicians interested in assisting their patients in preventing premature disability and death, while focusing on optimal health and vigor. Continue reading “Baby Boomers And Anti-Aging” »

It’s Springtime, and Allergies are Blossoming

Everything’s pretty in spring except for how allergy sufferers feel… sneezing, runny noses, scratchy eyes…and if those are your only symptoms, you’re lucky! Millions of people have major sinus attacks with headache and facial pain, total nasal blockage and sinus pressure.

Too often and too quickly, seasonal allergies are confused with acute “rhinitis” and “sinusitis”. We run for medications which often complicate a problem that could have been resolved naturally and with a little patience, or prevented altogether.

What’s the difference – and is there actually a solution?Похожее изображение

“Rhinitis” is inflammation of the nasal passages with sneezing and a runny or dry, stuffy red nose. Seasonal allergic rhinitis, commonly known as “hay fever”, is generally caused by outdoor allergies to things like fresh-cut grass or plant pollen.

Rhinitis can result from the release of “histamines”, the neurotransmitter that causes symptoms of these allergies – but could also result from long-time dependence on nasal sprays. Pharmaceutical decongestants lose effectiveness over time, so we use more and more to find relief. This wears down the natural defenses in nasal tissues and thickens nasal mucus, inviting bacteria and fungus that can lead to sinusitis.

“Sinusitis” (referring to actual sinus infection) stems from virus, fungus or bacteria. At this time of year, sinusitis kicks up due to morning and twilight dampness in the air causing mold and mildew spores, which are attracted to mucus and can start fungal growth. We feel miserable, run to the doctor for antibiotics, but antibiotics work only on bacteria, not mold or fungus.


  • Avoid foods which cause thicker mucus and slower digestion: all cow’s milk products, sugary baked goods, and starchy wheat (pastas, biscuits, etc.) are known culprits. Thin mucus flows properly to eliminate bacteria and fungus, and good waste elimination makes us less prone to allergies and infections.
  • Guard against allergies by eating papaya, garlic, blueberries, raspberries.
  • Take the digestive enzymes papain and bromelain, both known for prohibiting allergies.

Strengthen your immune system against allergies with extra antioxidant vitamins A, E, C, minerals Zinc and Selenium. Antioxidants keep “free radicals” from reaching our cells and damaging natural immunities.

Treatment for seasonal allergies:

  • Begin above dietary rules immediately.
  • Drink a glass of warm water in the morning to release toxins.
  • Take the Aller-Sine and antioxidants. Get congestion relief with this natural steam formula:
  • Garlic – 1/2 clove or 500 mg capsule
  • Eucalyptus (found in vapor rub products) – ¼ teaspoon
  • Tea tree oil – 2 drops
  • Pau d’arco (a South American herb) – 2 drops or half of one 500 mg capsule (Get these last two at natural health outlets).

Dissolve ingredients into 2 cups of boiling, steaming water. Inhale deeply for 2-3 minutes twice daily until mucus loosens and expels.
If you’ve had longtime sinusitis or rhinitis, it will take some time to experience lasting freedom. Be persistent. You may just avoid fall’s seasonal allergies!

Eating our way to poor health

How’s Your Daily Nutrition? While people in some countries did fine for centuries on a few staple foods, we Americans have been forerunners in fatty, fast and indulgent goodies. Take the Orient, for example. Since our burger franchises went to cities like Hong Kong, we’ve been luring the natives away from their rice and fish nutrition; Continue reading “Eating our way to poor health” »

Body Detoxification Diet

Our body has natural tendency to remove toxins via different process like chemically breaking the harmful toxins into simpler compounds and excreting them via urine and stools. Toxins are also produced endogenously by several metabolic processes, such as pesticides, breakdown of proteins, food preservatives, cigarette smoke, and heavy metals, drugs that make way to our body through the food we ingest or the air we inhale. Continue reading “Body Detoxification Diet” »

Food Form Vitamins and Minerals

After you review this web page you will have a deeper understanding of what vitamin and mineral supplements are. More specifically you will understand what food form vitamins and minerals are and why they are far superior to the standard USP or synthetic vitamins. You will see exactly why you need PLANT nutrients instead of man-made synthetic vitamins. Continue reading “Food Form Vitamins and Minerals” »

What is Argan Oil?

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Benefits of eggs

With Easter just around the corner, no doubt there will be bunnies and chicks, there will be chocolates and sweets, but most of all, there will be eggs- and a whole lot of them. But much more than just the fun and festivities, here are some benefits of eggs that will certainly get you “egg”-sited about yourself. Continue reading “Benefits of eggs” »

Homemade Vitamin Water

Water is absolutely good for you. So naturally, you would think that vitamin water is even better. For those of you who don’t know what vitamin water is, it is basically what it sounds like- distilled water fortified with vitamins as well as some artificial sweetener or flavoring of sorts. Continue reading “Homemade Vitamin Water” »

Vitamins, Minerals and The Nervous System

The health and performance nervous system is essential to that of the body, and the daily intake of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients affects the ability of the nervous system to perform its many necessary functions. There are several vitamins and minerals that directly influence nervous system functioning and health, and it is important to see to it that these are consumed at adequate levels. Continue reading “Vitamins, Minerals and The Nervous System” »

Pregnancy Care – Healthy Tips for you and your baby

Pregnancy is the most wonderful and memorable period in the life of a woman and her partner, along with her friends, family and relatives. This is the time when you will be facing different kinds of changes in your life like emotional, social, corpeal, etc. It is the time you are sitting on the peak of motherhood and an entire life is dependent on you for its survival. Continue reading “Pregnancy Care – Healthy Tips for you and your baby” »

Anti Aging Tips

It is a natural fact that as days and years pass by, one gets older and it is reflected on your body and skin. Each one wants to look and remain younger for a long time, despite their age. So, if you wish to slow down the aging process, all you have to do is take good care of yourself and your skin, especially. Continue reading “Anti Aging Tips” »

Why Vitamins alone are not enough to keep the body going and staying healthy?

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Best Supplements For Pregnancy

Why Are Supplements Important During Pregnancy. Being malnourished can drastically increase the chance of your baby being born with a defect or being born unhealthy. The baby developing inside of you can only feed off what you put into your body, and if there simply isn’t enough of a certain chemical or protein, then this could quite easily hinder it’s growth. Continue reading “Best Supplements For Pregnancy” »