Is A Detox Diet Right For You

In recent years, body detoxification and cleansing has increased in popularity. At one time, many just believed that detoxification was for those dependent on drugs and alcohol. Now, detoxification is being promoted as a health benefit. A number of well-known celebrities have brought the process to light. Although body detoxification does have a number of benefits, is it right for you? Continue reading “Is A Detox Diet Right For You” »

Why Acai? The top benefits of Acai berries

One berry that has recently been discovered to be very healthy is none other than the Acai Berry. Not as popular as others, such as Strawberries, and often mistaken to be blue berries (they do, after all, belong to the same dark berry family), after reading all of the benefits this berry has to offer, you are certainly going to want to make them part of your diet. Berries in general are really very good, but Acai is simply amazing. Continue reading “Why Acai? The top benefits of Acai berries” »

Eating for Wellness: Nutrition

There are six major nutrient groups: carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and water. Nutrients can produce energy for the body, build or repair the body or regulate the body. Carbohydrates and fats are energy producers. Proteins perform all the functions. Minerals and water are builders, repairers and regulators. Vitamins are in the regulatory category. Continue reading “Eating for Wellness: Nutrition” »

Dive into Endives

I don’t know what has gotten in to me lately, but for the past few months I absolutely have to eat Belgium Endives at least once a week! Every time I go grocery shopping they look at me and say, “You know you can’t leave me here!” (Those endives, they’re very fresh…) Continue reading “Dive into Endives” »

Yoga Tips

Yoga is an ancient form of exercise in India. Many depicts have been found that portraying different asanas of Yoga before Patanjali and early Buddhist Era but Patanjali is known to give a new way to Indian Yoga. Nowadays, yoga is quite famous in urban people for distressing and keeping up a good health. Continue reading “Yoga Tips” »

Fitness on the Road

Finding time to exercise during a normal week is tough enough, but if your a busy professional and on the road traveling it can be a real challenge. While on the road it can be next to impossible to maintain a regular exercise schedule. Is it possible to keep your physical activity a priority when you stay in different locations at various hotels every night? Continue reading “Fitness on the Road” »

Exercises To Reduce Tummy Fat

If you are like most people, you are looking for the perfect exercise to reduce tummy fat. While there are many different types of exercises to reduce tummy fat, abdominal exercises are not one size fits all. Most people cannot do crunches because they have lower back or neck issues that prevent them from developing their abdominals in the traditional manner. Continue reading “Exercises To Reduce Tummy Fat” »

How To Get Rid Of Cellulite On Arms

How To Speed Up Metabolism

What Is Metabolism? Your metabolism is defined as a set of chemical reactions that allow your body to function properly. Metabolism also determines the lowest amount of calories your body burns during a day to maintain normal bodily functions. When you eat, the food needs to be broken down into smaller more usable components that form the building blocks required by tissues in your body. Continue reading “How To Speed Up Metabolism” »

At Home Workouts For Women

Lifting Weights At Home For Women. A lot of you are reluctant to lift weights and build muscle mass because of the perceived risk of looking like a female body builder. While this might be a look some of you are striving for, the majority only want a thinner arms and legs, and flatter abs without the six pack. Continue reading “At Home Workouts For Women” »

21 Day Diet Meal Plan

21 Day Diet Plan. We’ve specially formulated this general diet plan for you, in the hope that it could serve as a 3 week catalyst for your ongoing healthier eating. The majority of people see diets as a temporary thing rather than a lifestyle change, and these are the people that will tend to fluctuate in weight more rapidly and to more extreme ends of the spectrum. Continue reading “21 Day Diet Meal Plan” »

How To Lose Fat On Your Arms

It’s been proven time and time again that spot reduction to burn fat on a particular part of your body is a myth. Instead, you’ll have to rely on reducing the total amount of fat all around your body which will result in your arms also losing weight. We’ve mentioned time and time again that there are two parts to losing weight, the first is exercise and the second one is dieting. As you might have guessed, this remains true for arm weight loss too. Continue reading “How To Lose Fat On Your Arms” »

How To Lose Weight Off Your Thighs

How Can I Lose Weight In My Thighs. While it might sound counter productive, the trick to slimming down your legs is actually to build up muscle density in the area. To do this, work on toning exercises specifically those engaging your quads and hamstrings. Because you will have denser muscles in this area, they will be a lot more “compact”, meaning the overall size of the thighs will be visibly reduced. Continue reading “How To Lose Weight Off Your Thighs” »

Motivation To Lose Weight

When it comes to losing weight, one of the biggest hurdles is getting and keeping the impulse to look better and be healthier. Someone with a strong motivation to lose weight is in a much better position compared to someone with little to no motivation. Everyone has different reasons and ideas on how to get motivated to lose weight, but whatever it is, it’s vital that you remember why you started, and consistently remind yourself about it all through the process. Continue reading “Motivation To Lose Weight” »

Home Remedies To Lose Weight

Chromium Picolinate. Chromium works in conjunction with insulin to enhance its effectiveness. Insulin is one of the key hormones linked to metabolism, and helps build up, break down and change the energy you put into your body. Supplementing insulin theoretically should help increase your body’s metabolism, boost the building of muscle mass and lower your appetite for food. Continue reading “Home Remedies To Lose Weight” »

How To Lose Fat On Your Legs

Motivation. No weight loss tips list can be complete without few words about motivation. Throughout the whole process, a lot of will power and determination is required in order to succeed. Motivation is a key factor that will determine whether you lose weight or not. There is a whole load of ways you can get yourself motivated to lose weight on your legs. The trick is to find out the root reason why you want to follow through with it, and never let that image get out of your head. Continue reading “How To Lose Fat On Your Legs” »