Look younger with yoga – 3 anti-aging poses anyone can perfect

Always be camera ready with glowing skin.  But before you strike a pose, strike a yoga pose, or two, or three. Not necessarily right before, of course.  Bring out naturally radiant skin while hiding your real age through Yoga.  Yes, you can look years younger with just a few simple poses.  You don’t have to be a stretching expert to reap the benefits that yoga has to offer.  So here are 3 simple anti aging poses that even beginners can perfect. Continue reading “Look younger with yoga – 3 anti-aging poses anyone can perfect” »

Yoga and Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac rehabilitation is a specialized branch of rehabilitation medicine which deals with optimizing the physical function in cardiac patients. It is generally a long-term comprehensive program provided in outpatient settings that involves timely medical evaluation, cardiac risk factor modification, prescribed exercise, education and counseling. Continue reading “Yoga and Cardiac Rehabilitation” »

Yoga Tips

Yoga is an ancient form of exercise in India. Many depicts have been found that portraying different asanas of Yoga before Patanjali and early Buddhist Era but Patanjali is known to give a new way to Indian Yoga. Nowadays, yoga is quite famous in urban people for distressing and keeping up a good health. Continue reading “Yoga Tips” »

How To Get Rid Of Cellulite Fast At Home

Tips To Getting Rid Of Cellulite. Depending on the amount of time you have to get rid of that orange peel effect on your skin, you may consider trying to cover up the effects of being overweight using products that tone your skin and reduce the water weight under your skin. For some people, this will be enough to reduce the appearance of the condition so that you can walk out on the beach without feeling bad about your looks. Continue reading “How To Get Rid Of Cellulite Fast At Home” »


It is our opinion at Nature’s Healthcare that to improve any medical condition and to achieve improved health and wellness, it is important to strive for a sense of balance in one’s life. This involves setting priorities, proper time management, and appropriate lifestyle changes that allow us time for our work, time for our family, as well as time for rest, exercise, personal fulfillment, and spiritual growth. Continue reading “SELF-HELP AND MIND/BODY WORK IN ASTHMA” »