Skin diseases are common among children. However, majority of the skin diseases can be prevented by taking proper care of the child’s skin. Below we have presented some guidelines for mothers to help them ensuring good health of their children’s skin.

Always make sure that your kids are washing their hands well after using bathroom and before eating. If you are the mother of a young child help him in creating soap lather in his hands. Using warm water while washing hands helps in killing the germs present there. Taking care of children’s skinCheck whether your child is rubbing the regions like the area under his nails, between the fingers well while washing hands.
Soaps (both for bathing and for washing hands) to be used by the little ones must be gentle in nature. Children should use soaps that are devoid of dyes and fragrances. Artificial dyes and fragrances might make the skin of the kids dry; children with sensitive skin may experience skin irritation due to these ingredients.
If you are bathing your baby, you must first rub the soap to a soft and wet washcloth and wipe the skin of the baby from head to toe using the washcloth. While doing so, you must pay special attention to regions like the area behind the baby’s ears, the skin folds in the baby’s body and his face.
While bathing your little one, check the skin areas that are most vulnerable towards developing skin disorders. These include: the groin region, the armpits, the region behind the knees etc. If the little one is still crawling, also check the condition of his knees at regular intervals.
If your child has dry, itchy or scaly skin, moisturize his skin at least 2 times every day or as advised by the pediatrician. You should avoid using scented lotions meant for the adults; for best results use medicated moisturizers. When taking the baby out in the sun, apply a mild sunscreen on his entire body.

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