Zinc is an essential nutrient responsible for performing numerous activities in the body. One of the most essential functions is to encourage the metabolism of the body system. This system essentially works towards the exhaustion of fats and regulation of the body weight. In addition, adequate presence of this mineral essentially works towards healing the injuries, both internal and external. Certain percentage of the mineral also works towards the growth and development of the immunity, smell, fertility and taste. This mineral also plays an imperative role in strengthening the foetus among pregnant women. ATaking zinc for health person can take to both the natural and pills form of the mineral in order gain benefits of the mineral. The best natural sources of the element are meat, liver, oyster, wheat, pumpkin, sunflower seeds, milk and almonds.

Adequate intake of this element strengthens the immune system to fight against the minor ailments like flu and cold. In fact, as per the doctors, patients suffering from minor ailments should be immediately given dosages of zinc to promote their treatment. Conditions of sore throat and skin injuries can also be well treated by the proper intake of this element in the body. However, one needs to make sure about the consumption of moderate amounts that do not have any negative impacts on the health.

A maximum total dosage of 40 mg is recommended by doctors for the entire day. However, excess in this dosage leads to certain negative effects on the health. The excessive deposits of the mineral interfere with the metabolic system of the body. This impairs the body’s natural capacity to burn fats and thus leads to increase in the body weight. The excessive presence also interferes with the proper absorption of the minerals and vitamins consumed through food. The worst impact of excessive intake of zinc is observed when the person consumes around 150 mg to 450 mg of the mineral in one day. This condition leads to severe liver and kidney damages which may or may not be repaired by medical treatment.

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