Living healthy has become trendy. More and more people are starting to think of their wellness, searching for most natural methods to look younger and more vibrant. Right here is a little test for you: How do you typically begin your morning? With a cup of coffee or cup of tea? If your answer is tea, then we presume you are probably aware of the several wellness advantages of tea. If you responded coffee, then you might be shocked to learn, that the title of most popular morning drink in the U.S. is about to be taken by tea as increasingly more people discover it is possible to consume large quantities of tea without feeling unpleasant side effects, like coffee drinkers do.


Tea’s wellness advantages have actually been studied extensively. As an example, newly released study from China suggests that regular tea drinkers have a 21 % reduced threat of developing breast cancer. Remarkable, right? Let’s take a better look to your daily tea advantages.

Mind & Heart

Recent research suggest drinking tea is connected to much better cognitive functions, such as memory, intellect and attention, due to the fact that polyphenols have an advantageous effect on blood flow and circulation. It indicates that consuming tea in the morning will help you to stay alert without caffeine “jitters” or anxiety, allowing you to much better focus on your daily jobs. Integra Tea by The Immortalitea Company completely fits your mornings offering distinct mix of comforting mulberry leaves and energetic oolong tea. According to a Dutch study, high tea consumption could decrease the threat of heart disease by enhancing blood vessel function, supporting blood pressure and improve insulin level of sensitivity, hence decreasing the threat of type 2 diabetes. These impressive properties can be found only in tea.

Skin & Body

Everyone understands that good hydration improves the skin, keeping it radiant and shiny. In one study, participants drank up to six cups of tea a day and others consume water. The study found tea was just as hydrating as water. Whereas coffee tends to have dehydrating effect on the body. Lots of people include milk in their tea, and some analysts suggest 4 cups of tea with milk supplies 21 % of a grownup’s everyday calcium requirement, which is certainly beneficial for ladies who need calcium to reinforce their bones and remain energetic and active. Among the plants rich of healthy calcium is mulberry. The Mulberry leaves, among the ingredients in Integra Tea, provide a fantastic quantities of calcium.

Smile & Charm

Tea is verified to be a natural source of fluoride. Fluoride helps prevent tooth enamel from breaking down, hence reducing the threat of tooth decay and gum disease, keeping your smile lovely and white. Whereas black tea due to higher caffeine contain could leave stain on the teeth enamel, Integra Mix of white mulberry, jiaogulan and oolong teas provides your healthy white smile. Moreover, polyphenols from tea are thought to have a beneficial effect on “good” gut bacteria. That is why drinking tea in the morning brings you sensation of lightness and energy.
Have you ever considered having all wellness take advantage of all sort of teas at the same time? Original Integra Tea Health Tonic Blend grants you the best of white mulberry, oolong and jiaogulan tea.

Introducing Integra Tea: The blend of ancient teas and herbs specifically designed to counter the impacts of our modern-day way of lives.

Components: Gynostemma pentaphyllum, Ocimum tenuiflorum, Morus alba, Camelia sinensis

Note: While Integra Tea does include caffeine, it is just about 1/4 the caffeine found in a comparable size cup of coffee.

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