Thalassemia is an inherited blood disorder disease. The genes of  Thalassemia are transferred from parents to their off springs. Thalassemia causes the shortage of red blood cells and hemoglobins in the body.  Hemoglobin is a protein enriched iron in  red blood cells. Red blood cells carry oxygen in all parts of body. In thalassemia patients red blood cells are produced  in less quantity which are not according to the requirement of the body. Patient with thalassemia suffer throughout his life. Thalassemia can affect both men & women. It starts affecting since childhood.Картинки по запросу ThalassemiaSigns & Symptoms of Thalassemia:    
Patients with Thalassemia show the following signs & symptoms:
(1) Color turns pale
(2) Headache
(3) General weakness
(4) jaundice
(5) Fast breathings
How to prevent Thalassemia:
Patients once suffer in Thalassemia can’t come out. It will be with you entire of your life. The only way to escape is, the parents before child birth can consult their doctor to avoid this disease in the newborn. If one has the family history of thalassemia he can safe his off springs by consulting doctors well in time. In this way your coming generation will be safer.

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