The second therapy you should try next time you spend a day at the spa is Thalassotherapy. In fact, it may be more appropriate at a retreat close to the sea as it uses the products of the sea to nourish and rejuvenate the whole body, with particular emphasis on the skin. So what is Thalassotherapy.

Origins of Thalassotherapy

Thalassotherapy for anti-aging skin careThe term hails from the Greek word Thalassa which means sea. It is a therapy that uses seawater, fruits of the sea (sand, mud and seaweed in particular) and the sea air to rejuvenate the body.

A typical session involves bathing in seawater. This is fairly straightforward if you are at the sea but in a Spa you would actually bathe in specially delivered sea water.

Sea water is believed to have mineral trace elements like magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium, and iodine which can be absorbed  through the skin. This can have some beneficial effects on the surface layers of the skin according to proponents of the therapy.

After the seawater bath, a wrap or paste is applied to the body. This wrap or paste is usually a seaweed extract, mud, sand or a mix of all the three. Again, these products are believed to have therapeutic benefits to the whole body. Depending on how thickly the paste is applied to the body, the patient will sweat which can help to detox the body.

In the case of seaweed extract, polysaccharides will help to moisturize the skin. Sea mud is also supposed to have healthy benefits, particularly the mud from the Dead sea. People visit this part of the world to heal skin ailments like psoriasis and dermatitis.

After around 30 minutes, the paste is washed off. The skin will feel smooth and more alive to the touch. And a general feeling of well being will be felt.

Whilst there is no scientific evidence that this form of therapy works many people love it and will notice changes in their skin’s condition. The mere fact that such a therapy can relieve stress may also contribute to improved health.


Most people take advantage of this therapy at a sea side resort or location. As already mentioned, the Dead Sea area is famous for it but you can find locations throughout Europe, the United States and parts of Asia. These days many Spa’s that aren’t even close to the sea will use mixtures of seaweed and sea mud from the exotic locations to treat patients so even if you don’t live close to the sea you can still benefit from a form of Thalassotherapy.

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