Fancy a facial? Well, you should. Because whether you go to a pro or you decide to DIY, facials are good for you. Of course, different facials can have different effects on you skin, be it lightening, tightening, or just a good cleansing, but here are the basic benefits that you can no matter what kind of facial you decide to have.


Benefits of Facials:

Facials, because they involve quite a bit of your face being gently massaged, actually stimulate the blood flow which helps bring oxygen and other important nutrients to your skin.

The Benefits of Facials

Facials help  detox and get rid of toxic and waste products from your skin.

Facials help with your skin’s elasticity.

Facials are great for anti aging too. They help prevent fine lines and wrinkles by helping tone the muscles under your skin.

Facials also contribute to cell regeneration, pretty much out with the old (old skin cells) and in with the new (new, fresh, younger looking skin cells.).

Facials also help reduce the appearance of blemishes and even prevent new ones from forming.

Facials help you relax. Remember stress can be just as damaging to your skin. So this is the perfect time for you unwind and take a breather. Take the time to pamper yourself, and your skin.

Facials always leave you with a healthy, natural glow.

When it comes to getting the right facial, you have to consider things like your skin type – Do you have normal, oily sensitive, or dry skin? Do have combination skin? You also have to think about any allergies you might have to certain ingredients that are used as well. Of course, make sure that everything you use is clean, especially when going to a spa or skin clinic. Take these few precautions to avoid any break outs or negative reactions.


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