The virtues of lavender in tea, capsules or essential oil on health are numerous: the fight against influenza, acne. It soothes and heals.

Lavender illuminates the Mediterranean of his palette “violet blue”. She likes dry, sunny areas and then offers us its subtle flavor and captivating. It is used in perfumery and pharmacy has always been. The use of lavender dates back to ancient times. Already in ancient Egypt and its pharaohs used it. In the Middle Ages, it is cultivated in monasteries and underwear and perfume houses. We know its disinfectant properties, and during epidemics, it is carried in clusters on the skin. In the seventeenth century, it’s everywhere, in the kitchen, bath, ointments or as floral water. Girls in flower in search of a husband, slip into their bodices. In the nineteenth century in the region of Grasse, wild collection is replaced by the first crops for commercial purposes. The lavender is harvested in summer when in flower. After drying, it can be stored away from light in airtight container.

And benefits of herbal tea recipe lavender

Pour one quart of boiling water over a tablespoon of lavender flowers. Let steep 3 to 4 minutes. Sweeten with honey. A rate of 4 cups a day, this tea effectively relieves colds like winter colds and flu. It has soothing and calming, great nervous are thereby relaxed. Its beneficial effect on the stomach and intestines is undeniable, it increases gastric secretion and promotes intestinal motility.

Recipe and uses of lavender oil maceration

Handles three beautiful lavender flowers macerated five days in the sun in one liter of olive oil, gives you an efficient maceration oil that relieves pain due to stress, lumbago and other back pain. This wonderful oil soothes as insect bites and other itching.

Fill a bottle halfway up lavender flowers. Fill with apple cider vinegar and let soak for 1 month in the sun. Filter. A glass of vinegar added to the bath water has calming and relaxing properties.

Virtues and recipe Lavender Floral Water

Boil 1 liter of water and throw in 3 large handfuls of lavender flowers. Brew. Filter. Add 5 drops of grapefruit seed extract for conservation. Keeps in refrigerator 1 month. This floral water is a cleansing lotion and tonic ideal for tired and fragile. It is indicated for the treatment of acne and oily skin.

Healing yourself with the essential oil of lavender

If you could get only one essential oil (ET) would be the essential oil of lavender. Its characteristic perfume and finesse makes search by perfumers. But it is in its therapeutic use gives it its full extent.Two drops of essential oils of lavender on a sugar or a neutral tablet three times daily soothe and relax the most nervous. It is sedative and antidepressant. She treats colds and flu and is an excellent antiseptic lung. It facilitates the flow of blood in the mobile phase. Intestinal motility and digestion are improved. This is an effective wormer, and a suppressor and a leading insecticide: if you put a few drops in your cupboards, clothes will smell good and moths will fly. The essential oil of lavender is an extraordinary healing, it disinfects and heals wounds and heals burns.

# With essential oils, caution should be exercised. It is recommended to start with small doses and dilute the ET in a little olive oil before applying to the skin, to avoid problems of allergy. It is good to seek the advice of a doctor specializing in aromatherapy.
# If you wish, and for convenience, the lavender powder capsules are crushed in a pharmacy or drugstore supplements to the radius.

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