The third spa or retreat therapy that you might want to try too feel a sense a well being and for anti-aging benefits is negative air ion therapy. It sounds  like something out of a science fiction movie and to be frank, I had never heard of it until recently but it isn’t that complicated. In fact, it’s a naturally occurring phenomenon.

What’s Negative Air Ion Therapy ?

The Benefits Of Negative Air Ion Therapy For Anti-agingMaybe you have heard the phrases “to get some sea air” or even “to get some fresh air”. It alludes to going to the sea side or the beach to breath in the air. What is actually happening is that you are breathing in ionized air. And research suggests that this is good for you on many levels.

Negatively ionized air is air molecules that have one or more extra electrons, giving the molecule a negative charge. You can get machines, like an air ionizer that uses electrical charge to create negative ions but this process occurs naturally in places like the beach.

Crashing waves and the ebb and flow of the tides are believed to disrupt air molecules such that they become negatively charged. This also occurs in the air around waterfalls and in and after thunderstorms.

Why Is It Good For You ?

Negative ion therapy is a treatment for seasonal affective disorder. This is a condition where people get depressed during winter months because of a lack on sunlight and bright light. Introducing an ionizer machine is thought to make people happier or less depressed anyhow. And this can be applied to anyone that is depressed.

Some of the benefits of negative ion therapy are believed to be :

  • Acts as an anti-depressant and elevates mood
  • Helps relieve stress
  • Improves metal and physical performance
  • Helps with neurological disorders
  • Improves recovery from exercise
negative ion air therapy

In terms of anti-aging, stress is a major ager. Avoiding chronic depression is also beneficial as is good mental health in general. A decline in mental health is more common as we age, just like the degradation of our physical bodies but is often viewed as “out of sight, out of mind” and ignored. Also, negative ions can aid in recovery from exercise, leading to less physical injuries.

How to Get Negative Ion Therapy

As already mentioned, going to a sea side resort or retreat can give you this therapy naturally. You could also get it by going for a walk in hilly countryside locations. Conversely, you could get a machine that ionizes the air. It is believed that the action of water in a shower also negatively ionizes the air so just by taking a shower you could be getting the benefits of negatively ionized air. No doubt the various hydrotherapy treatments that you find at a spa may also create this type of air too.

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