Seaweed has made a huge SPLASH with anti aging beauty products, not to mention that ever famous wrap you can get at your local spa, however, the best way to reap the benefits is definitely through your diet.

Eat seaweed, see less wrinkles, and so much more. So here they are, the benefits of seaweed on your skin. Let’s go ahead and DIVE right in.

Seaweed For Your Skin:

benefits of eating seaweedDetox

Seaweed is rich in anti bacterial properties. This means that it can help flush out all of those nasty toxins in your body. So it is a really good way to detox and purify making much easier for your skin to absorb all the nutrients it needs to keep that youthful glow.  Not to mention that it also promotes circulation, as well as cell rejuvenation.

why you should eat seaweedHydrate

This deeps sea treat also does wonders deep into the skin. You see, because seaweed is jam packed with proteins, lipids, vitamins, and minerals, it is great for combating dry skin proving to have amazing hydrating and nourishing properties.

Remember, DRY SKIN IS THE ROOT OF ALL WRINKLES. So keeping it hydrated and moisturized, especially from within, will definitely keep the wrinkles away.

benefits of eating seaweedImprove Tone

Focusing on the minerals, especially fluorine, calcium, and magnesium, seaweed is great for your skin tone too. Not only will the minerals mentioned help keep the skin’s natural moisture balance, but it will also bring back that youthful glow and say bye bye to blotching.

 Anti-inflammatory Actions + Antioxidants = All Around Anti Aging

You see, seaweed is super rich in vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, and B12, proving to be excellent for it’s anti inflammatory actions, which pretty much reduces redness, puffiness, as well as other irritations, and, of course, the very key to anti aging, it’s antioxidant properties, which help get rid of those nasty free radicals that do tons of damage and really speed up the whole getting old process.

Plus ,one other great benefit of seaweed is that it is totally chemical free. Seaweed is 100% organic. Which also makes it great for people with sensitive skin.

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