Cancer is life threatening, however the cancer therapies that are meant to fight cancer can themselves be very debilitating – causing weakness and exhaustion, extreme nausea, hair loss and many other problems, and even, ironically increasing the risk of cancer. Because of these reasons many people turn to alternative treatments for cancer; which use approaches other than or in addition to chemotherapy and radiation to defeat the cancer.

There are many alternative treatments that help fight cancer, such as homeopathy, that uses very dilute medications to fight any kind of ailment, including cancer. There are herbal formulations and naturopathic treatments that can also help people detox; by being used internally as well as externally.

Biological therapies that use antineoplastons help to stimulate the immune system of the body so that the body is better able to fight against its cancer. Additionally nutritional therapies can also be used to fight cancer.

Mind Body Treatments for Cancer can include many different approaches. Aroma therapy can help a person fight cancer indirectly by helping to reduce stress and improving quality of life as well as overall wellbeing. Self hypnosis methods seek to harness the incredible power of the mind to try and defeat the disease of cancer – clinical studies have demonstrated how anxiety and pain can be reduced by use of hypnosis, which can also help improve sleep quality. Similarly spiritual approaches that use meditation can also be effectively used to help a person overcome their apprehensions and fight their disease.

Yoga can help cancer patients in more than one way – Yoga not only helps a person develop a stronger, fitter body, it can also stimulate the immune system of the body, enabling the body to fight better against the cancer. One study examined the effect of yoga on women recovering from breast cancer. It was found that those who did yoga had an improved quality of life, they slept better, had more energy and better recovery rates.

Similarly quality of life can also improve with alternative therapies such as massage for cancer patients. Mainstream cancer treatments can cause fatigue, pain, loss of appetite, nausea and so on. However an Australian study observed that those who received massage therapies found a significant improvement in these areas.

Similarly Reiki can also help reduce side effects of cancer treatment and help improve quality of life for cancer patients. As Reiki helps relax the mind, this seems to have a beneficial impact upon the body as well. It is also hypothesized that a bond can develop between the persons giving and receiving Reiki and this can also be beneficial.

Increasingly researchers are finding more and more elements in nature that help to combat cancer. A study conducted in New Zealand found that natural things such as extracts from totara and manuka trees and broccoli juice can help prevent skin cancer and sunburn. An antioxidant called sulforaphane was seen to be present in broccoli, which had this beneficial effect.

A Californian study was able to demonstrate that pomegranate juice could help fight prostate cancer; that it could inhibit movement of the cancerous cells and also limit the spread of the cancer to the bones and so on.

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