Today, I decided to do something a little different with the endives. I lined my dish with them in a pretty circular pattern (they are so beautifully shaped too! And fun to peel away!) making my dish look like an open flower. I think decorating (with) your food is very important. It makes it taste 10 times better, let’s you work up an appetite, and those who think they don’t like eating vegetarian will love the taste after they’ve slaved a bit…and hello, kids! So I always serve my vegetarian dishes with some sort of decorative element. Like lining beets or red pepper slices around the edge of the plate. Does wonders!


Anyway, after my little endive flower art I simmered up some quinoa. As it was cooking, I tossed in some rice seasoning I bought in the market. I can’t tell you what’s in there, but it’s a bunch of spices and meant to be added to rice. I buy all sorts of flavors of these and they bring life and taste to all my grain dishes!

I also stir-fried some orange squash just in olive oil, however, I’ve been meaning to switch to coconut oil, as I heard how healthy it is!

Here’s how I put it all together:

  • I drizzled the endives with agave cectar and balsamic vinaigrette
  • I scooped the quinoa into the center of the dish
  • I chopped up some roquette greens and mixed them in
  • I chopped up some walnuts and sprinkled them on top
  • Then I added the Squash!

If I may say so myself….It was amazing! I used the endives as spoons and scooped up the quinoa with it. Wonderful taste sensation of the bitter endive and roquette with the sweetness of agave and the slight acidity of the balsamic and the soft sweet squash!

It felt really healthy and balanced and filling!

And… it goes great with quinoa.

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