As described by the Unesco, “the Mediterranean diet is a set of skills, knowledge, practices and traditions associated with human food, ranging from earth to the table, covering crops, crops and fisheries and conservation, processing and preparation of food and, in particular, the consumption of these. ” The committee emphasizes that the main ingredients of this diet are “olive oil, grains, fruits and vegetables fresh or dried, a moderate proportion of meat, fish and dairy products, and plenty of condiments and spices, for consumption on the table accompanied by wine or tea, while respecting the beliefs of each community. ” It also stresses that the Mediterranean diet , whose name comes from the Greek word diaita, meaning way of life, not only includes food, but “a cultural element that encourages social interaction.”

Good for all

A study presented at the last Annual Meeting of the American Neurological Association revealed that the Mediterranean diet protects brain areas involved in memory and thinking, and reduces the risk of stroke. For otroa hand, according to research published in the prestigious British Medical Journal in 2008, this type of power protects us from most chronic diseases, including cancer , Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease and Parkinson’s disease.

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