The mainstream advice out there for boosting your metabolism levels is generally all the same: Exercise! Well, I’m going to tell you there are other pieces to the puzzle. There is much more you can do (in addition to exercise) to get your metabolism levels up. Stuff that takes up less time and is easier on your joints.

Read my 5 Tips for Metabolism Magic.

  1. Eat 5-6 times a day not 3. Not only is it easier on your digestion, it keeps your metabolism going and your energy levels up! No more food coma.

    All About Habits explains how to do this correctly. Here is a breakdown of how to do this right so you avoid getting hungry and learn which amount of calories should be right for you.

  2. Eat Breakfast. Eat a piece of fruit or smoothie within the first hour of waking and/or eat a good breakfast before noon. Don’t be afraid to make it a more hearty meal… I’m not saying fry bacon or eat a bagel with cream cheese! I mean perhaps eggs, scrambled tofu, or a grain like millet or quinoa. This brings you lots of energy to help keep you full and boost your metabolism levels.

    Refer to my healthy meal plan post for more breakfast ideas.

  3. Bring your metabolism up with herbal stimulants such as:
    • ginger
    • garlic
    • cayenne
    • cloves

    These jumpstart your circulation, breaking up anything which blocks the normal flow of blood, lymphatic fluids, or nutrients. Taking these stimulants warms up your body and creates a higher rate of metabolic exchange.

    Use caution not to overdue stimulants on a daily basis – too much may cause pain when eliminating, or skin irritation. Try introducing a spicy Thai or Indian dish just once or twice a week. Or toss the above ingredients into your smoothies.

  4. Start the day with a glass or two of water with lemons instead of coffee, and drink several glasses of water throughout the day… but just not any water. A good brand of mineral water you can trust is much preferred, and Ionized/Alkaline water is best. Water not only supports a feeling of fullness, it also helps your body to digest your food.
  5. Take a stand…on your shoulders:

    The shoulder stand yoga pose pushes your chin into your chest which stimulates your thyroid which in turn, you guessed it!- regulates your metabolism.

    Before doing the shoulder stand, you should start by relaxing in corpse pose for 5 minutes, practicing deep yogi breathing in (to the count of 4) and out (through the nostrils, to the count of 8 ) while mentally scanning your body and telling it to release tension.

    Then do at least two sun salutations before moving on to the shoulder stand. Refer to my beginner’s yoga post for instructions.

I hope these metabolism tips have helped you learn to burn – without stressing your schedule or your muscles.

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