Nearly 36 million Americans suffer from migraine headaches on a regular basis. That being said, a large majority of our readers have probably suffered from a migraine at least once in their life. If you’ve ever had a migraine or you happen to have them often then you know just how painful they are. Migraines can completely disrupt the everyday lives of so many people. Over the years, researchers have gone to great lengths to find some sort of miracle cure to help migraine sufferers. Recently, researchers have come up with a new and innovative way to handle migraines.

Approved by the F.D.A. back in 2013, the Zecuity patch is now available for use throughout the States. What exactly is this new invention? The Zecuity patch is placed on your arm or thigh where it delivers the medicine, sumatriptan throughout your body. Sumatriptan has been a popular migraine prescription medicine that has been prescribed since the 90s for migraine sufferers. What makes the Zecuity patch innovative is its battery-powered technology that delivers the medicine through your skin by electrical currents. So why a patch and not just oral medication? “Some people may delay taking their migraine medicine if they experience nausea as part of their migraine,” explains Doris Saltkill, a Teva Pharmaceuticals spokesperson.

If your medicine is being delivered throughout your skin within affecting your digestive system you won’t have to worry about further upsetting your stomach. The patch may not replace regular medications just yet, but it is definitely steering toward that direction.

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