There is a direct relationship between smoking and heart disease. Dedicated smokers cannot ever imagine stopping the smoking habit. The nicotine addiction is so strong that it does not matter that you have not tasted your food properly for years or that you also have not been able to breathe properly. Your family and friends keep nagging you to quit and everyone is very worried about your general state of health. Smokers have to acknowledge the relationship between smoking and heart disease.

Smoking And Heart Disease Are Closely Linked

Картинки по запросу heart disease and smokingThere are many warning messages on tobaco products, in magazines and newspapers with the message that smoking and heart disease are directly linked. Just ignoring these warnings by telling yourself that “it will never happen to me” is no way to prevent smoking related heart disease. If you do not stop smoking, soon you will end up as another candidate of heart disease.

Imagine this: you are in a major city. You are stuck in traffic and there is a truck next to you. You have to close your car windows or the fumes from the truck overcome you. The fumes from the truck contain carcinogens. These are the same carcinogens that can be found in the cigarettes that you smoke.

Carcinogens in cigarettes are the reason why there is a connection between smoking and heart disease. The chemical carcinogens found in cigarette smoke become absorbed by the blood stream. The blood then becomes tainted with the carcinogens and that blood gets pumped through the heart as well as other major organs.

The nicotine levels in the blood stream builds up and the blood thickens. This is of major concern since this can lead to blood clots. Since the blood pumped through the heart contains nicotine, this nicotine builds up in the valves and may even trigger a heart attack.

The relationship between smoking and heart disease is a very real threat to your heart’s health. Giving up smoking is the only real solution for prevention of smoking related heart disease. If you are in a position whereby you have recently started smoking, you must realize that you are at an advantage. The nicotine has yet had the time to ravage your health and cause heart problems yet. So quit immediately!

But if you have smoked for years, it is going to cause more trouble for your health if you continue. Have you ever seen a photograph of a smoker’s lungs? The only way to illustrate them is like black trash bags. No one would purposely want their lungs to look like black trash bags, would they?

Methods for giving up smoking are plentiful. So in order to prevent smoking related heart disease, visit your doctor first. Ask your doctor about the various methods and treatments. If you are committed to ensure your health and well-being you are sure to find a something that could work for you.

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