The Step II Diet is recommended for anyone who has had a heart attack or stroke, and for patients with elevations of cholesterol. As discussed above in the section on cholesterol screening, total cholesterol should be measured periodically. An LDL cholesterol is measured if:

  • Total cholesterol is greater than 240, or
  • Total cholesterol is greater than 200 in the presence of 2 or more risk factors.

Based on the LDL, then, the Step II Diet is advised if:

  • The LDL is greater than 160, or
  • The LDL is greater than 130 in the presence of 2 or more risk factors.


  1. TOTAL FAT INTAKE: It is recommended that the calories obtained from fat should be no more than 30% of total calories.
  2. SATURATED FAT: Calories from saturated fat (sat fat) should be limited to 7% of total calories.
  3. POLYUNSATURATED FAT: Calories from Polyunsaturated fat can account for up to 10% of total calories.
  4. MONOUNSATURATED FAT: Calories from monounsaturated fat can be up to 15% of total calories.
  5. CARBOHYDRATES: Calories from carbohydrates should be 55% or more of total calories.
  6. PROTEIN: Calories from protein should be approximately 15% of total calories.
  7. CHOLESTEROL: Cholesterol intake should be limited to 200 mg per day.
  8. TOTAL CALORIES: Total calories should be the number of calories that would allow you to achieve and maintain a desired weight.

The following chart will allow you to estimate fat intake at selected levels of total calorie intake according to the Step II Diet:

1200 40 or less LESS THAN 9
1500 50 or less LESS THAN 12
1800 60 or less LESS THAN 14
2000 67 or less LESS THAN 16
2200 73 or less LESS THAN 17
2500 83 or less LESS THAN 19
3000 100 or less LESS THAN 23

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