Interview with Dr. Patrizia Gilardino Specialist in Plastic Reconstructive Surgery

It happens that the prolonged use of heavy earrings tropppo, or an incident where an earring is ‘hooked’, can cause tearing of the earlobe. A very painful event and also much more common than you might think. A situation that requires minor surgery to be arranged. We interviewed Dr. Patrizia Gilardino, a plastic surgeon in Milan, to know what is the repair of torn ear lobe, costs, cautions. Here are his answers.


You can perform surgery to restore a ‘stretch’ over the holes in the lobes of the ears, even when there was a real tear-lobe? And if so what is the procedure?

It is possible, and is, in reality, the same action to allow the repair of the laceration of the earlobe. Consists in removing the straterellino of skin which forms the outline of the fissures and then join the edges and weld them with some very fine sutures.

And when you tear the lobe is just, what you do, from the surgical point of view?

As I have said surgery is the same with a special attention in the stitching, the redefinition of the bottom margin of the lobe

You can then use the earrings again, perhaps with more attention this time?

You can still use, the earliest one month after surgery, taking care to ensure that the new hole is not to fall on the same line of cicatricina. it’ll have to be redone just to the right or left of the old location, to avoid possible relapse . in addition to the need to use lighter earrings.

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