When it comes down to working out and staying fit, finding a shortcut along the way can be very rewarding. Taking time out of our day to take care of our bodies can become extremely time consuming. If you love working out, or even if you hate it, and either don’t have the time or want to spend the time on working out for a full hour, then we’ve got a workout move for you! The move is called the Overhead Dumbbell Side Bend and it will work out your arms, shoulders, upper back, core, quads and last but not least, glutes. With all of these muscles getting involved you’re going to love this simple to follow move!

The first step is to grab a pair of five to eight-pound dumbbells and then hold them up over your head, keeping your arms extended and straight. Make sure that your arms stay in-line with your shoulders. Next, keeping your upper body straight, bend over to your left side for as far down as you can go. Hold the pose for a few seconds and then return yourself back to the starting position. Once you’re back to the start, bend your body over to the right side for as far down as you can go, hold the pose and then bring yourself back up. Repeat the move for about 10 on each side with a set count of about two to three.

You’ll really be feeling the burn with this awesome workout move!

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