The avian bird flu has many people across the globe afraid of catching the virus. Now, even children are becoming aware of the bird flu and its potential dangers in humans. If your child asks you about the avian bird flu the most important thing is not to panic. By panicking or telling your child how dangerous the bird flu is you will only cause fear in your child, as well as spreading untrue rumors about the bird flu. You should be able to present the facts of the bird flu to your child, explain how your child can protect him or herself, and how officials are working to eliminate the bird flu virus.

Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "flu bird"It is even better if you talk about the bird flu with your child before your child here’s information from somewhere else. Sit down with your child after dinner and discuss these three important points. Allow your child to ask questions that may be troubling to him or her. If you don’t know the answer, don’t make something up, instead research the answer with your child.

Start your conversation about the bird flu by stating the facts. Tell your child what the bird flu is, what it does to birds, and why people are worried about catching it. Explain that the bird flu is a type of influenza, which people have been dealing with for centuries. Explain that bird flu is highly contagious among birds, but that it is very difficult for a human to catch the bird flu. You should also let them know that officials are working to eliminate the virus in birds before it becomes a problem in humans

By telling your child the facts of the bird flu it will help them to better understand it and to not be afraid when they hear people blowing the severity of the bird flu out of proportion. Do not sugar coat these facts. The truth is that there is really little to be concerned about and you should convey that message to your child.

Make your child aware of the fact that even though the bird flu has only infected a small handful of people, there are ways that you can protect yourself against all strains of influenza, including the bird flu. If you have not already taken your entire family to get an influenza vaccination, let your child know that you will do that. Your child should know that by getting the vaccination your child’s risk of contracting the bird flu goes from very small to zero.

By letting your child know that there is something that he or she can actually do to prevent the virus from infecting him or her it will put your child at ease. You should follow through with this conversation by making an appointment for your entire family to get vaccinated to put everyone’s mind at ease.

Finally let you child know that scientists and government officials are working very hard to prevent the bird flu from spreading to America and working even harder to eliminate the bird flu altogether.

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