No matter how well you take care of your face, your hands are always a dead giveaway of your real age- only if you let them be, that is.  Often neglected, when it comes right down to anti aging, people forget to take extra care of their hands, when in fact, your hands may very well need it most.

Younger Looking Hands

If you already have your little beauty hand care routine, GREAT, if not, then not so great.  Remember that it is never too late or too early to start.

Once you have got that covered, it may take a while before you see any results.  So if you want a quick fix , you should know about the magic of a good manicure.  Studies have shown that women who have painted nails look much younger as the colors on the tips tend to distract other visible signs of aging (signs that your daily hand regimen should take care of- AGAIN, if you don’t have one, get one!).

tips to make your hands look youngerBRING ON THE BLING!  Did you know that wearing a ring automatically makes your hand look younger too?

5 Tips For A Good Manicure

The magic of a good manicure is that you will have younger looking hands when it is done, however, no hocus pocus, you will have to work at it to get it right.

Unless you plan on going to a pro, here are the top five tips for your tips.

file your nails1. File Your Nails

Before putting on the polish, you want to have a smooth base- smooth nails.  Filing your nails beforehand is the way to go.  However, you don’t just grab the first nail file you see.  Take care of your nails by taking the time to look for the perfect one.  Rough files can weaken your nails even more than time.  Remember, the finer the grit, the better.  Crystal glass files are definitely the best.

TIP: Before you file your nails, the first thing you should do is wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.  Then, give them a good clipping if needed.

Shape your nails2. Shape Up

When shaping your nails, stick to the tips and leave the sides.  You should know that the sides are there to protect the rest of the nail, keeping them from cracking.  Short nails are definitely the in thing today, however, if you like them long and flirty, ¼ of an inch over your fingertips is definitely the limit.  A fine emery board should do the trick.

TIP: It is always a good idea lay out a towel on the table for you to work on.  This will keep all of the nail dust and clippings in one place making clean up a breeze.

cuticles3. Keep the Cuticles

I’m pretty sure that you have done this before-heck, even the pros are guilty of snipping cuticles.  But as you get older, that is one part of your manicure that you should ditch.  The cuticles are actually there for a reason- to protect the growth center of your nails.  Without them, your nails will end up getting thinner and thinner.  However, truth be told, cuticles are not very pretty.  Solution?  Push instead of snip.  All you have to do is rub on some good old moisturizer and push them back.

TIP: A makeshift cuticle pusher would simply be a pencil eraser wrapped up in tissue.

nail polish base4. Begin with a base

Once all of the grooming is pretty much done, you can then begin with a base.  No, don’t bring out the polish just yet- you’ve one more step.  Have you ever noticed your nails looking a tad bit yellowish?  Guilty.  Some say that they just can’t breathe, or it could even be a bad case of nicotine for all the smokers out there.  Truth be told, the yellow color is most likely just a stain (perfectly harmless, but not at all pretty) from dark polish.

So to avoid any more stains, you should always put a base coat first.

TIP: In case your nails are already stained, you can try using a lemon wedge to get the yellow off.

nail polish5. Polish And Protect

Once the base is dry, you can go ahead and start painting.  Studies have actually shown that pale metallic polishes make your hands look younger, but it really all boils down to what your favorite one is and what goes with your skin tone.

Remember to finish off with thin top clear coat to protect.  Nothing is nastier than chipped polish.

TIP: When applying polish, you want to start in the middle of your nail and just fill in the sides.





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